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Benefits & Perks

Paid Vacation, sick time and holidays @ Harvard

Harvardís generous time off policy is comprised of the following:
  • 20 days of vacation per year for administrative/professional staff, accrued at a rate of 1-2/3 days per month
  • 15 days of vacation per year for support staff, accrued at a rate of 1-1/4 days per month. Vacation time increases to 20 days per year after 5 years of service.
  • 12 sick days, accrued at rate of one day per month
  • 11.5 paid holidays
  • 3 personal days
  • Up to 4 weeks paid leave for new parents who are primary care givers
  • Time off for jury duty and bereavement
Time Off

Unpaid family and medical leave @ Harvard

This leave can be applied to:

  • Family leave of up to 13 weeks for birth, adoptive or foster parents
  • Medical leave of up to 12 weeks for treatment of a serious medical condition or to care for a spouse, domestic partner, child or parent for a serious medical condition
  • Extended Parental leave of up to one year
  • Personal or career development leave
  • Military or government service leave

These benefits vary by employee type. The time off described above applies to administrative and professional staff and support staff, including members of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW). Faculty members should contact their dean for information on policies in their school. Union members should consult their contract for details.